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We’ve all heard of Betty Boop. But how many of you knew that she was based off of a BLACK woman.

Yes Betty Boop was based off of Ms.Esther Jones known by her stage name “Baby Esther”. She was an African-American singer and entertainer of the 1920’s. Her singing trademark was “Boop oop da doop” hence the name Betty Boop! She performed regularly at the cotton club in Harlem,New York.


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I let my toucan play with my phone and found this afterwards


I let my toucan play with my phone and found this afterwards


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i reblogged this long ago. but ill say what i said. i know this is from the biggest loser show but anyway, in here you see how it takes time. it doesnt happen in 3 weeks. it takes time. a long time. the main reasons people give up quick is time. they dont have time for gym or its taking a long time for results. you gotta work first. put some work in. aesthetics(looks) come later, they come eventually. either its fat to fit or skinny to fit its all the same process….work and patience. there will be ups and downs. days when you are tired or just wanna give up..but keep going! living healthy and being fit isnt a straight i said there are ups and downs. you just gotta keep moving. stay consistent as much as you can. most of all work! along the way you learn things on your own as well. learn what works for you. you wanna change yourself, you gotta earn that body. you gotta keep the fight going man.

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